MyParea FAQ

Can Anybody Join MyParea?

Yes!  Anybody who has a desire to be a part of the community can join!  We just ask that all members be above 13 years of age in order to join. 

Is MyParea like... facebook for Greek People?

Not quite!  While we'd love to claim responsibility for creating a social network that wonderful, MyParea is not Facebook. has a large facebook presence already, and our actual site is a place where those people who like us on facebook can communicate with each other!

I was a member of MyParea before, where's all my stuff?

The platform that MyParea was originally built on in 2011 released a new version and was not migrating full networks over.  Because the original MyParea was virtually inactive and outdated, we made the executive decision to start from scratch.  It was announced on the old MyParea that we would be starting over in order for anybody who wanted to, would be able to save their content. 

Will I ever be able to recover content I had posted on the old MyParea?

We hope so, but at the moment, it doesn't look very likely.  The platform that MyParea was built on upgraded versions and migrating all content (i.e. members, discussions, etc.) was not something that was made available.  Because activity on the former MyParea site was minimal at best, the decision was made to completely revamp and start fresh.  If, at any point in the future, the option to recover old user accounts becomes available, we will absolutely be doing so.

What happened to the chat feature?

The new platform has not yet integrated the chat feature, but is in the process of making it available.  MyParea, for the moment, has a chat box on the left side of the home page that members can talk to one another in.  As soon as the chat feature is made available to us, we will make it available to you.

Welcome to the MyParea FAQ Page!  To the right, you can see some of the most common questions asked.  If none of these answers are the one you're looking for, please feel free to contact the Webmaster and other Admins by posting in the "Ask the Admin" discussion thread.